Gibraltar, Donations, and Atlantic Departure

Dodging multiple gales and bunkering down in Spain we finally have arrived in Gibraltar! It was really looking like we weren’t going to make it here by May 15th but a lucky spell of weather put just enough wind at our backs and with just enough diesel we puttered into Gibraltar harbor on the morning of the 15th to our biggest refuel ever and to gather some fresh provisions and BEER! As we sailed close to the Moroccan coast, we slowed down considerably as we hit the east setting current that flows through the strait of Gibraltar from the Atlantic into the Mediterranean. It was then that our prospects grew dim. Luckily however, we magically found an unexplained counter current that carried us into motoring range. [Read more..]

Long journey home: the stranded sailboats in a race to beat the hurricanes

We are really happy to have a crew of three for our Atlantic crossing. This article really highlights a lot of the hardships we have faced in the past couple months culminating to our long Atlantic crossing back to our home country. We haven’t been chased out of a country yet, but the price gouging is real. Another big thanks from SV Speck crew to all of those who have supported us. We would certainly be in for much harder times without it. [Read more..]