Engine assembly

We were happy to find the boat came with a Perkins 4108 engine and even happier to find that it came in pieces. We were able to piece it back together over the winter and…. it started up!

AC/DC Panel

Many of the systems were 1985 original to the boat. Luckily, most electronics and plumbing ran on the starboard side of the boat and we had easy access. With our tight budget we refurbished what we could, and learned from the original design.

Inside work

Now that the major pieces were together (hull, keel, mast, and rudder) it was time to focus on the inside of the boat. We knew the boat had been previously repaired on the starboard side hull (we think it may have fallen off its stands at one point in its life, but we’re not certain). The previous owner was in the middle of rebuilding the boat when he passed away from cancer. [Read more..]